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David Mantica

DTI is excited to be sponsoring and facilitating a round table discussion at the Frost & Sullivan Sales Team Alpine Retreat in February 2018. Billed as an “anti-conference,” attendees focus first and foremost on education and the sharing of best practices, and sponsors are selected based on the relevancy of their content to the needs of the attendees.

DTI’s VP of Sales Transformation Services, internationally-recognized sales thought leader, Mike Kunkle, will pair with Craig Jones, Managing Partner of Performance Methods, Inc. to co-facilitate a management track session on “Tools and Best Practices for Supercharging Your Account Based Planning and Sales Strategy.”

Craig from Performance Methods will lead the discussion on account strategy (based on PMI founder Steve Andersen’s book, Beyond the Sales Process, and their work with Fortune 500 clients), and Mike will lead the discussion on how to execute effectively to guide the behavior changes you need to see in your sales force (using principles in our Sales Learning System and The Five Levels of Sales Mastery and Behavior Change, which enable sales transformations that stick). 

For more information on the Sales Learning System or the Five Levels, check out DTI’s white paper on “Realizing the Growth Potential of the Internet of Things,” which deals with the convergence of technical and sales enablement with design thinking, which will be required to capitalize on the market opportunities ahead.

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Barry Kaufman

VP of Business Development- IoT/DX

My Technology Perspective

Barry thrives in supporting leading vendors and their channel as they take to market solutions that are truly shaping the world we live in—vendor companies with real vision, proving how IoT and digital business solutions protect and enable an ever more connected world. Bringing broad technical experience and expertise, Barry brings a unique understanding of how to define business/organizational value and outcomes that matter most.

Digital Transformation Specialist

Zaki Mohammad

Chief Transformation Officer

My Technology Perspective

Zaki's unique decades long career evolution starting as an Accountant, CCIE certified Systems Engineer, Solution Architect, Entrepreneur, Instructor, Course Developer, Conference Speaker, Data Scientist and AI subject matter expert leading successful consulting and project engagements.

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