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Sales Leadership and Sales Enablement Professionals:

For the sake of growing opportunity with existing key accounts or cultivating new customers, Fast Lane Digital can help you go to the next level with Digital Transformation customer conversations. We have behavior-changing sales programs that target key competencies for IoT/Digital Transformation sales (Self-directed Competency Framework, the 5 stages of Sales Mastery) as well as services that target specific areas of your sales org to produce the biggest impact– this can include defining the competencies required to hire the right sellers with the right aptitudes and attributes, to building a learning strategy that addresses everything from IoT Sales Foundations to Mastery. DTI can also help you create your own IoT Playbook, defining market plays, and empowering sales professionals with a plan. Our Offerings include:

Marketing Leadership Professionals:

“Know thy Customer” should be every marketing pros mantra. At Fast Lane Digital, we have mapped out the customer IoT/DX buying journey in detail. We provide advisory services to help create the right customer story that connects your solutions and GTM to your future and prospective buyers. Offerings include:

Channel Leadership & Professionals:

In the world of IoT and Digital Transformation, complexity is a given; your channel must deal with an even greater set of challenges, as they are bombarded by many vendors with similar spiffs and goals. Channel enablement means that you need to compete for the attention and concern of another company’s salesforce. We perceive this problem as a learning issue, using the right blended approach of tools to support learning, motivation, transference into the job and ultimate mastery of how to sell your solutions into the market.

HR, Talent, Learning & Development Professionals:

In the era of digital disruption, learning for all job roles needs to be deemed a continuous requirement. Too often however, training is done in a one-size-fits-all package, addressing all learners as a monolithic whole, rather than looking at the learning journey at an individual level. This traditional model is broken: learners are quite capable of doing much of their own research, find free or effective resources when and how it makes sense to the learner and have little patience for re-learning skills that they have already mastered. Fast Lane Digital is committed to help you end the madness- we use a plethora of techniques and tools to enable a shorter TTC (time to competency) and a more cost effective approach to skills development. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Learning Design & Development
  • Hands on Lab development and hosting
  • Learning Experience Platform development
  • eLearning Curriculum Design and Development
  • Instructor-led training development and delivery

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Digital Transformation Specialist

Mike Walsh

Sales Transformation Architect

My Technology Perspective

As a product strategy and marketing expert, Mike has launched industry leading training products and services addressing best practices in technical areas including virtualization, information security, networking, storage and other technologies.


Digital Transformation Specialist

Alan Lee

VP of Business Development- Storage/OS

My Technology Perspective

Alan’s focus has always been on creating successful partner/customer relationships by seeking to understand their issues and identifying business solutions to solve them. Through years of experience in working with technical partners using education and services as change agents, he brings a breadth of knowledge to bear on the digital business transformation requirements of today’s businesses.     

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Jun 07, 2018

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