Design Thinking for IoT (IoTDESIGN)

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Duration:       1 Day

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Who should attend

Customer-facing roles within enterprise IoT sales channel.


IoT Essentials (IoTESS) or experience and working knowledge of IoT within the Enterprise.

Course Objectives

  • Develop a design thinking mindset to help solve the adaptive challenge in IoT.
  • Putting design thinking into practice for an IoT sales opportunity.

Outline: Design Thinking for IoT (IoTDESIGN)

Creating IoT Possibilities with Design Thinking!

Topic 1: Intro to Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking basics in a modern context
  • Understanding your users and how to draw empathy
  • Develop user personas
  • Build a stakeholder map of your user’s realm of influence

Topic 2: Finding Opportunities

  • Finding IoT opportunities by mapping your user journey map
  • Journey map – to identify which parts of your user’s experience can be improved using IoT.

Topic 3: Delivering Disruption

  • Co-creation: Learn how to ideate with your users
  • Scoping and delivering an idea to market
  • Best practices for ideation workshop

Topic 4: Design Thinking and how it is adopted in your Enterprise

  • Identifying early roadblocks in adopting design thinking in enterprise

Topic 5: Adoption Approach and key metrics and markers for an IoT Project

  • Activity - defining the approach, metrics and markers for an IoT Project using an IoT case study.

Topic 6: Designing Metrics

  • Activity – observable metrics and current state of a business prior to commencing an IoT project.

Topic 7: Creating an Action Plan

  • Activity – create an action plan with accompanying metrics for an IoT Project.

Topic 8: Review of Enterprise IoT Case Study: How Design Thinking added value to an IoT Project.

  • Activity – Group Discussion

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Digital Transformation Specialist

Dan O'Brien

Chief Operating Officer

My Technology Perspective

In addition to Dan being the LaaS and PaaS models and systems guru, his passion for everything learning makes him the prime specialist to support our client’s digital transformation initiatives.  Dan is excited to bring his knowledge and skills to enable corporations to exceed their digital business goals. 

Digital Transformation Specialist

Mike Walsh

Sales Transformation Architect

My Technology Perspective

As a product strategy and marketing expert, Mike has launched industry leading training products and services addressing best practices in technical areas including virtualization, information security, networking, storage and other technologies.


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