Sales 3.0 | Philadelphia, PA | June 19-20

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Philadelphia, PA
Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018

We're excited to be joining Sales 3.0 in providing sales executives with key insight and strategies to drive improved sales performance and revenue growth. 

View the Sales 3.0 Agenda.

In conjunction with the conference, we're hosting a half day workshop focusing on coaching your way to sales excellence with Founder & Sales Transformation Architect, Mike Kunkle, of Transforming Sales Results, LLC. 

Topics covered during this workshop will include:

  • How to use sales analytics to determine where to spend your limited coaching time for the best results
  • How to use the ROAM model to analyze what to coach and elevate to best-practice behaviors
  • How to use performance analysis to determine the best performance intervention
  • Simple methods for conducting effective field training and skills coaching
  • How to implement a cadence of coaching to develop sales mastery and deliver results

You can register for the event here.

Sales 3.0 Philadelphia 2018

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