IoT Business Acumen Course

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Duration:     2 Days

Price:            $1500

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Who should attend

Customer-facing roles within enterprise IoT sales channel.


IoT Essentials (IoTESS) or experience and working knowledge of IoT within the Enterprise.

Course Objectives

  • Help identify, plan, implement and assess the outcome of a first IoT project. The project can serve as a model for further IoT adoption across the organization.
  • Be able to articulate your IoT opportunity into a business case
  • Identify the gaps needed to actualize the IoT project.

Outline: IoT Business Acumen (IoTBUSINESS)

Topic 1: Enterprise IoT Vision and Roadmap
  • Identify the IoT project vision and roadmap
  • Understand the importance of Business Model Innovation in the context to your IoT project.
  • Define your business use case
  • Determine your IoT project Skills, Talent, Technology and Organizational requirements

Topic 2: Research and Plan

  • Assess the Digital Maturity of incumbent’s organization
  • Assess the technology readiness
  • Assess the ecosystem and partnership readiness
  • Assess the cultural readiness
  • Developing value proposition for your IoT Business Case

Topic 3: Prepare and Blueprint

  • Best practice and mistakes to avoid
  • Identify the IoT project requirements, technologies and capabilities
  • Address security, organizational and change management needs
  • Build your “coalition of the willing”

Topic 4: Implement & Scale

  • How to measure and validate success in IoT project
  • Learn to scale IoT Projects

What's Stirring in the
Brains Of Our Experts

Digital Transformation Specialist

David Mantica

VP Sales and Marketing

My Technology Perspective

In his early career David had experience working around WAN solutions and services including DSL, Frame Relay and ATM.  On top of the experience David did presentations, product management and marketing on Voice over IP. VoIP become David’s primary expertise and he spent a great deal of time on supporting professionals as they dealt with the ever changing standards and solutions in that space including Computer Telephony Integration issues, H.248 and H.323 (SIP).

Digital Transformation Specialist

Barry Kaufman

VP of Business Development- IoT/DX

My Technology Perspective

Barry thrives in supporting leading vendors and their channel as they take to market solutions that are truly shaping the world we live in—vendor companies with real vision, proving how IoT and digital business solutions protect and enable an ever more connected world. Bringing broad technical experience and expertise, Barry brings a unique understanding of how to define business/organizational value and outcomes that matter most.

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