IoT Essentials (IoTESS) Course

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IoT Essentials Training

Duration:   .5 Days

Price:          $375

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Course Objectives

  • Recognize what IoT means for Business users and what market opportunity it represents
  • Recognize the importance of Data literacy in today’s ever-changing business landscape
  • Understand the Value Proposition of IoT in Business today
  • Learn how to get started in IoT using the IoT Building Blocks framework

Outline: IoT Essentials (IoTESS)

Topic 1: IoT 101 – Everything Old is New again
  • A brief history of IoT
  • Impact of IoT on Business
  • IoT is Central to Digital Transformation
  • What IoT is and what it is not
  • Market opportunity around IoT today
  • Why IoT is important for you and your organization

Topic 2: Data in IoT

  • Business Potential of Data (Data as strategic business asset)
  • The power of Data-driven Analytics (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive)
  • Building the right Data infrastructure for your DX/IoT journey
  • The importance of a data mindset in today’s business

Topic 3: Understanding the IoT Business Value Proposition

  • IoT is the story of: Outcomes - Data - Insights - Actions - Value
  • Explore some business areas that are transforming using IoT
  • Creating an Enterprise wide vision of IoT helps actualize your IoT Strategy
  • Identifying the areas of assured ROI and payback for IoT projects

Topic 4: The Building Blocks of IoT

  • Using IoT to create outcomes-based business models, services and products
  • Discover the various technology and solutions that make up the IoT Stack
  • Describe the IoT Ecosystem, Partnerships and Workforce needed in an IoT Project
  • Understand IoT Solution Project Lifecycle


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Digital Transformation Specialist

Kimberly Watson

Director of Development and Programs

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Kimberly has been programming and database-ing since the days (and nights) of Skittles and Jolt Cola. After years helming her own business developing technical software, her focus shifted to technical training and content development to help learners quickly adapt to an increasingly digital world.

Digital Transformation Specialist

Zaki Mohammad

Chief Transformation Officer

My Technology Perspective

Zaki's unique decades long career evolution starting as an Accountant, CCIE certified Systems Engineer, Solution Architect, Entrepreneur, Instructor, Course Developer, Conference Speaker, Data Scientist and AI subject matter expert leading successful consulting and project engagements.

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