IoT Sales Acumen (IoTSALES) Course

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Duration:   2 Days

Price:          $1500

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Who should attend

Customer-facing roles within enterprise IoT sales channel.


IoT Essentials (IoTESS) or experience and working knowledge of IoT within the Enterprise.

Course Objectives

  • Recognize how IoT can be a problem-solving tool for solving your customer’s problems and achieving their business outcomes.
  • Develop an awareness of how to conduct prospecting and discovery for IoT opportunities.
  • Recognize how to resolve customer concerns within IoT opportunities
  • Recognize how to effectively close IoT solutions

Outline: IoT Sales Acumen (IoTSALES)

Day 1

Topic 1: Bringing IoT to your Customers

  • Understand the impact of IoT being an adaptive challenge not a technical challenge to approaching IoT opportunities
  • Understand your customer’s Digital Journey and the role of IoT in it
    • Customer Business Outcomes
    • Customer Awareness of their incumbent problems
  • Buyer Intelligence and Buyer Personas in IoT opportunities.
  • How does IoT create value for Businesses today?
  • Opportunity Qualification for IoT

Topic 2: Recognizing the value of Prospecting in an IoT opportunity

  • Assessing the Customer Relationships with new and existing customers
  • Researching and Understanding how to gather intelligence on customers of IoT solutions
  • Learn to align with a prospect’s Enterprise IoT Vision or strategy.
  • Assessing the Customer’s IoT Readiness

Topic 3: The role of Discovery in an IoT Opportunity

  • Leverage the Discovery framework to IoT sales opportunity management.
  • Power of Envisioning and Design Thinking
  • Preparing for a Discovery Session
  • Eliciting Customer outcomes and problems using the Discovery framework.

Topic 4: Resolving Customer Concerns

  • Understanding the model for addressing and resolving customer concerns
  • Using the model for addressing and resolving customer concerns
  • Best practices of resolving common customer concerns in IoT opportunities

Day 2

Module 5: The role of Sales in an IoT Solution Design

  • Managing different buyer personas and stakeholders.
  • Understanding the power of co-creation
  • Employ best practices from design-thinking and problem-solving methods
  • Preparing a Design session for understanding Business outcomes
  • Opening and Closing the above Design session

Module 6: Conducting an IoT Solution Design

  • Understand the Solution Dialogue approach
  • Preparing for the Presentation/Solution Dialogue
  • Opening the Solution Dialogue
  • Facilitating the Solution Dialogue using Storytelling methods
  • Closing the Solution Dialogue

Topic 7: Securing customer buy-in on an IoT Opportunity

  • Understand the Consultative Commitment model – The consultative mindset
  • Using the Consultative Commitment model
  • Building cross-organizational support in your customer’s organization
  • Best practices from securing closing IoT sales opportunities
  • Preparing for a Discovery Session

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Digital Transformation Specialist

Alan Lee

VP of Business Development- Storage/OS

My Technology Perspective

Alan’s focus has always been on creating successful partner/customer relationships by seeking to understand their issues and identifying business solutions to solve them. Through years of experience in working with technical partners using education and services as change agents, he brings a breadth of knowledge to bear on the digital business transformation requirements of today’s businesses.     

Digital Transformation Specialist

Dan O'Brien

Chief Operating Officer

My Technology Perspective

In addition to Dan being the LaaS and PaaS models and systems guru, his passion for everything learning makes him the prime specialist to support our client’s digital transformation initiatives.  Dan is excited to bring his knowledge and skills to enable corporations to exceed their digital business goals. 

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