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An A to Z guide on IoT for Business

Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t about Technology, but it’s about Business. IoT presents a global opportunity for businesses estimated at USD$19 trillion over the next ten years. However, as with anything new, we are inundated with hype and marketing fluff around IoT  today. Hence why there is a Learning Session like this – which serves as a practical guide that separates hype from reality – to direct us to what’s practical and immediately valuable about IoT for a business practitioner. In this course, we will explore some of the IoT applications and projects that have already created measurable business value, eliminated unnecessary costs, and created new business models.
Key Topics:
  • Demystifying IoT
  • IoT is central to Digital Transformation
  • IoT drives Business survival in the age of disruption
  • Data Acumen and Data-driven decision making
  • Delivering payback and business value
  • Business Model Innovation using IoT


A complete guide to building your first IoT project

The Power of IoT lies, in part, in its ability to operate not only in the physical world of actual things but also in the virtual world, where things are digitized and exist as digital information and software abstractions. In this webinar we provide a framework for organizing the four building blocks of bringing IoT to the enterprise. The framework will serve as a practical guide to understanding the capabilities, skills, talent and partnerships needed for any enterprise embarking their IoT journey.
Key Topics:
  • Enterprise IoT Vision and Roadmap
  • Business Model innovation using IoT
  • IoT Applications with assured Business Payback
  • End-to-End IoT Technology Stack
  • IoT Ecosystem
  • IoT Partnership models
  • IoT Project Lifecycle



"Hello everyone and welcome to today’s session!"

Fast Lane Digital is proud to provide our customers with complimentary digital web presentations that we refer to as - Learning Sessions! Each Learning Session is designed to increase your awareness and knowledge on a particular topic. We live in an ever-evolving world in which technologies update and upgrade every day. One of the best ways to ensure that your resume is as current as possible is to spend an hour with one of our experts in an interactive format.

"I’d like to introduce today’s presenter."

We are continuously searching for the best and brightest minds in each of our core competency areas - IoT, AI, Blockchain and RPA - to develop and deliver our Learning Sessions. Each presenter is hand-picked and thoroughly vetted to make sure our presentations are as up-to-date and through as possible.

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Scheduling conflict? Something suddenly came up? Missed a section during the presentation? No worries! Each of our Learning Sessions is recorded and redistributed to everyone who registered. These are also housed in our Fast Lane Knowledge Library so anyone can use them as a reference point in the future!

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Fast Lane Digital Learning Sessions are 100% interactive when attended live. Attendees are not only welcome to, but encouraged to ask questions to our expert presenters! Each presenter is also virtually available to students after the completion of the Learning Session. Attendees are welcome to schedule time with the presenter during his/her "office hours" to dive further into various topics.

What's Stirring in the
Brains Of Our Experts

Digital Transformation Specialist

Dan O'Brien

Chief Operating Officer

My Technology Perspective

In addition to Dan being the LaaS and PaaS models and systems guru, his passion for everything learning makes him the prime specialist to support our client’s digital transformation initiatives.  Dan is excited to bring his knowledge and skills to enable corporations to exceed their digital business goals. 

Digital Transformation Specialist

Kori Needham

VP of Business Development- Managed Enablement Services

My Technology Perspective

Kori is an experienced Business Development and Technical Sales Enablement leader skilled in empowering C-level executives to leverage industry-leading transformative technologies in order to achieve their expected business outcomes.  He excels at helping key stakeholders to fine tune their tactical and strategic objectives in order figure out which relevant technical solutions are required to achieve the intended business results. 

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