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IoT Marketing Transformation Services

GTM Strategy for IoT Solutions

Product Management and Product Marketing professionals  in technology companies face significant challenges defining a GTM (Go-to-Market) strategy for IoT solutions.  Some of these challenges include:

  • How does your solution fit into the current product and customer ecosystem?
  • What kind of partners are best for what we offer and who are our best partners?
  • What does a marketing alliance or partnership look like?
  • What are the use cases that best highlight your solutions capabilities?
  • What standards will you align your solution towards and what is you participation in those organizations?
  • How will you train and support your sales and sales enablement teams beyond the the typical speeds and feeds with a focus on increasing sales in a data-driven IoT society?

The development of a fully formed go-to-market strategy for your IoT solutions is significantly enhanced by bringing in expertise at three core domain areas that includes:

  • Depth and breathe of IoT Acumen (from technology, to ecosystem, use cases)
  • Depth and breathe of product vendor supply changes (direct, distributors, value added resellers)
  • Depth and breathe of sales enablement skills, tools and techniques

Product Marketing Transformation Services

DTI’s Product Marketing transformation services offers our customers access to seasoned professionals that cover the three core domain knowledge areas with proven experience to define solutions and foster human capital transformation.  We can offer:

                  -Coaching and consulting on defining your GTM strategy

                  -Assessment criteria to formulate ecosystem partnerships

                  -Selling skills assessments tied to delivering on business outcomes

                  -Competitive positioning and research and delivering that information to sales teams

-Sales enablement strategy to focus on building the sales muscle to effectively position your solution/product and sell based on use cases and business outcomes


We provide these services through:

                  -Staff augmentation

                  -E4H (expert for hire) coaching

                  -Assessment development, delivery and analysis

                  -E-learning content development

                  -Courseware content development

                  -Sales enablement training

                  -IoT sales enablement training

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Digital Transformation Specialist

Dan O'Brien

Chief Operating Officer

My Technology Perspective

In addition to Dan being the LaaS and PaaS models and systems guru, his passion for everything learning makes him the prime specialist to support our client’s digital transformation initiatives.  Dan is excited to bring his knowledge and skills to enable corporations to exceed their digital business goals. 

Digital Transformation Specialist

Zaki Mohammad

Chief Transformation Officer

My Technology Perspective

Zaki's unique decades long career evolution starting as an Accountant, CCIE certified Systems Engineer, Solution Architect, Entrepreneur, Instructor, Course Developer, Conference Speaker, Data Scientist and AI subject matter expert leading successful consulting and project engagements.

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