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Sales training can fuel performance, leading to sales growth, or it can be a waste of time, money and resources, leading nowhere. Our Sales Learning System and its 5 Stages of Sales Mastery help you maximize the potential of your learning investments and deliver ROI through improved sales results. That outcome is achieved through training content that gets results, knowledge sustainment, skill development, skills transfer, coaching to mastery, the strategic use of buyer engagement content, and sound sales management practices.

Our Sales Learning Services include:


Sales Effectiveness Diagnostics

Sales Effectiveness Diagnostics allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales strategy, tactics, process, and methodology to identify opportunities to improve salesforce performance. Our experts and partners will survey, interview, and observe key members of your salesforce and sales management team to identify where you can increase your salesforce effectiveness and productivity. As a result, you’ll receive a full report with recommendations on how to proceed. As needed, we can help you design, develop, and implement the resulting sales performance improvement projects, and monitor and evaluate the results.


Sales Learning System Diagnostics

Most sales training does not produce the intended results. While the training content can sometimes be the culprit, very of ten it’s the lack of purposeful sustainment, transfer, and sales mastery plans, and the absence of measurement and change leadership. Our Sales Learning System diagnostics allow you to evaluate the effectveness of your training efforts and learn where you can make changes in your system to produce better results. If you already know your training implementation approach needs an upgrade, also see Sales Mastery System. 


Sales Competency Modeling

Understanding the competencies that fuel top-performance is the foundation of improving sales results. Performance is a outcome, where the inputs are the person, their behaviors, and your environment. Performance levers are the critical competencies– the mindsets, knowledge, skills, behaviors– and the conditions which must be present in your environment for ethical, sustained, high levels of performance to occur. So, if you want to improve sales performance, you need to put the right people with the right competencies in the right roles, and provide the right environment. Knowing that true top performers are rare, to get the best results, you must also develop the middle 60% of your sales force to behave as much as possible like your top producers. Sales competency modeling lays a foundation of the mindsets, knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are required for success in each sales role. We can help you document your competencies from the ground up or customize from our sales competency library. From here, your options for performance initiatives are many. We can guide you as you use the competencies to hire, train, coach, and/or develop your salesforce to behave more like your top producers and improve sales results.


Talent Development Platform

Fast Lane Digital's Talent Development Engine (TDE) is a SaaS platform that allows a sales professional and their manager to assess the sales rep’s competencies. The result is a report that shows where they are aligned and where there are perceptual differences, which fosters a targeted developmental coaching discussion. The system generates a personalized learning plan for the sales rep, based on his or her assessment scores. The plan includes training, mentoring, assignments, and/or job aids that support the competencies, to address competency gaps and foster ongoing employee development. Once you have established sales competencies by role, and have the training to address the competency gaps, the TDE is a systemic way to promote ongoing development and ever-increasing skill mastery.


Sales Mastery System

Even the very best sales training will not change behaviors on its own. It requires a purposeful plan. Unfortunately, having a valid plan to guide your sales force along the path to sales mastery is an element that is missing from many training implementations. This is why most sales training does not provide the intended value (changed behaviors and improved sales results) or deliver a payback and return on investment. Fast Lane Digital’s 5-Stage Sales Mastery System is a learning experience and behavior change framework that supports your sellers (and frontline sales managers) in remembering, using and mastering the top-producer practices that were taught in training–which, of course, leads to a higher level of performance.


Sales Training Support Services

Onboarding, training, coaching, and developing your sellers and frontline sales managers is one of the most important things you can do. Do it well, and the resulting sales growth makes you a Sales Training Hero. Whether you’re just starting a sales training function or manage a mature team supporting a large sales organization, sometimes you just need an extra hand from an expert who’s been there and done that– and can lighten your load. Our sales training experts will guide you, support you, or do the work for you, as you analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate sales training. We can help you build and implement a course, a program, a curriculum, the 5-Stage Sales Mastery System, or a full-fledged Sales Learning System, to more effectively train and develop your sales force and improve your organization’s sales performance.


Sales Training Advisory Services

Onboarding, training, and developing your sellers and frontline sales managers is one of the most important things you can do. Do it well, and the resulting sales growth makes you a Sales Training Hero. Sometimes you need advice from someone who’s been there and done that– some third- party, expert perspective. Our sales training experts will advise, counsel, and coach you,as you set-up or evolve your department into a high-functioning team of world-class sales trainers. We can help you determine which initiatives will deliver the most value and coach you as you execute effectively to better support your salesforce and improve your organization’s sales performance.

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Barry Kaufman

VP of Business Development- IoT/DX

My Technology Perspective

Barry thrives in supporting leading vendors and their channel as they take to market solutions that are truly shaping the world we live in—vendor companies with real vision, proving how IoT and digital business solutions protect and enable an ever more connected world. Bringing broad technical experience and expertise, Barry brings a unique understanding of how to define business/organizational value and outcomes that matter most.

Digital Transformation Specialist

Alan Lee

VP of Business Development- Storage/OS

My Technology Perspective

Alan’s focus has always been on creating successful partner/customer relationships by seeking to understand their issues and identifying business solutions to solve them. Through years of experience in working with technical partners using education and services as change agents, he brings a breadth of knowledge to bear on the digital business transformation requirements of today’s businesses.     

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